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Saint Tropez was inhabited by the Phenicean. During the roman invasion, the city began to be called Héracléa.


A knight called Torpès publicly confessed his Christian faith. Neron, the Emperor, beheaded him and his body was placed in a boat. Then, the currents carried it to Saint Tropez and that is why he became its patron saint.


William of Provence drove out the latest invaders and built the tower of Suffren.


King René asked Raphaël de Garezzio to fortify the city. For such purpose, he brought 21 Genovese families who enjoyed tax-free privileges in return for the city defense and protection.


The King granted them the right to carry arms.


Marie of Medici stopped over at Saint Tropez and is given a coralbranch.


The Tropezian army expelled 21 Spanish galleons.


Louis XIV repealed all these privileges during the installation of a royal garrison at the Citadel, which currently houses a naval museum.

XVIème siècle

Saint Tropez provided the kingdom with marines. Pierre- André de Suffren (1729-1788) an officer of the Royal Navy was really wellknown for centuries.


Bailli de Suffren statue was erected in the port.


he body of Emile Ollivier is exhumated from the tomb dominating the Salins Sea. Every year in May, several magnificent ceremonie stake place such as the Bravades: the veneration of Saint Patronand of any other glorious army events

sight seeing

The City tradition and modernity

It is one of the most popular cities of the Var coast full of streets and impressive boats.

The Citadel and the Naval Museum

This place played a significant role in the Tropezian history. From this place there is a gorgeous view of the coast.

The Annonciade Museum

It is located in a chapel of the 17th century and includes painting related to the idea of light.

The beach

The Beach

the house of butterflies

Twenty years ago the town of Saint-Tropez inaugurated its 'Maison des Papillons' (House of Butterflies), the original work of the artist Dany Lartigue, a famous passionate amateur.