Aprenda francês em Nice e conheça a cidade com a escola Azurlingua!


-400 000

the first inhabitants of Nice who were elephant hunters settled on the site of Terra-Amata.


The Massaliots founded NIKAIA on the slopes of the castle.


The Saracens devastated the city and spread their power.


William, the Count of Provence drove the Saracens out


After the death of Queen Jeanne, the civil war broke out.


Nice became under the protection of Amedée VII, the Count of Savoy. Nice was turned into a fortress against the French.


The Turkish fleet is repelled.


The third siege, the French army destroyed the fortresses.


The Maritime Alps department is created.


The Count of Nice became French.


Outburst of high-class winter tourism and city growth.


The beginning of summer tourism


Another urban, financial and demographical outburst.

sight seeing

course saleya

It is pedestrian walkway below the castle hill as far as the opera house surrounded by restaurants. It houses a flower and food market in the morning and souvenir, second hand and Antique shops some other times

the castel hill

with its waterfall and lovely view.

Opera house at the old Nice

It was built in 1855 over the former theatre by the Nice architect François Aune. He was inspired by the Opera house in Paris.

lane of vieux nice

The narrow streets are animated by many typical shops

The Sainte Réparate Cathedral

The Baroque Cathedral has undergone many modifications and transformations. A rich decoration and the vaulted nave allow thepresence of high windows illuminating the interior.