Aprenda francês em Nice e conheça Cannes com a escola Azurlingua !



Cannes was a village with 2626 inhabitants.


The cholera hit the Provence.The English Chancellor Lord Brougham who was on his way to Nice together with his entourage, had to turned round. On his way back, he stopped at Cannes, a small fishing village. Very soon, everyone in London knew about that “village”.


Prosper Mérimé moved to Cannes and turned it into “The Salon of the World”.


During winter, Cannes was the residence of the great people of the time (the Czarina María Alexandrovna, the Queen Victoria, The Bourbon Families…).


La Croisette was created.


The poet Stephen Liégard created the name of 'Côte d’Azur'.


Building of the winter club (Palais des Festivals), of 4* hotels: Carlton (1910), Majestic (1921) and Martinez (1922).


First Canne Cinema Festival designed to balance Venice film Festival which as protofascits at that time.


Enlargement of the Palais des Festivals.

sight seeing

The Croisette

Discover the Croisette, its palaces, its exclusive shops and its dreaming beaches.

Palais festival

In Georges Ponpidou area, the Palais des Festival is waiting for you with its well-known step staircase and the fingerprints of stars.

Lérins Islands

Lérins Islands are an archipelago consisting of two main islands : Sainte-Marguerite, Saint-Honorat.

Sea museum

It includes a remarkable collection of old objects found in ships run aground in the nearby of the islands.

The forest

A magnificent stroll surrounded by the eucalyptus, the enchantedforest.

the fortress

This is a historical place where you can see, among other things, the cell of the Iron Mask.

The coast

Just go for a ride on a boat to have a lovely view of the coast.

The beach

You may swim within this magic landscape.