Aprenda francês em Nice e conheça Beaulieu-sur-mer com a escola Azurlingua !


4th century

A monastery is built and the first abbey was Saint Hospice. The Lombards destroyed it in the 6th century. The inhabitants fled to the peak of Saint michel ( grande corniche), and re-descended at the end of the 12th century. Napoleon Bonaparte delighted by such a charming place confirmed its name’Bellolocco» in the 12th century. In 1860, it adopted the French name Beaulieu.

the belle epoque (jazz age)

Beaulieu became a distinguished winter resort for famous people of the time who gave it a worldwide prestige (Leopold II, William II Prince de wales, the Queens of Italy and Portugal, Teodoro Reinach (archeologists who designed Villa Kérylos).....

The first world war

The First World War forced these distinguished people to leave. Howe-ver, the resort became more and more popular among the new Kings and Princes (Gustave II of Sweden, Hèlène of Italy…). Between the two wars, the economic and social development prompted the creation of a promising summer resort. The sun must not only “warm up the winter season”, from now on we ask it 'to shine and tan the summer season'.

sight seeing


Nowadays, Beaulieu is located on the prehistoric site and on the old Greek port of Anao. The romans enlarged the city and built marble houses with mosaics.


Between Nice and Monaco, the Greek Villa Kérylos is one of the most remarkable places in the Riviera. It was built at the beginning of the 20th century and it is unique reconstruction of an old Greek house including wall paintings and furni-ture in the world. This was a tribute to the Greek civilization paid by two people who really loved the anciente Greece: Teodoro Reinach, patron and archeologist and Emmanuel Pontermoli, inspired architect. Around the villa, the garden overlooks the peninsula of Saint Jean-CapFerrat. It includes typical Greek trees such as: olive trees and vines, granite trees, carob trees, acanthus and myrtle, laurel, roses and iris, pine trees and cypresses, palm trees and papyrus. They remind us of a Greek atmosphere under the sun of the Blue Coast.

Ants Bay

Nestled under the gardens of the Grand Casino and next to the small harbour, it is a family beach that reveals a breath-taking view of the Greek Villa Kérylos.

Little africa

Nestled against the cliff, it borders the harbour port. It is a larger beach, where you can play Beach Volleyball.

the grand casino

Built on the ruins of a XI-century pagan temple, nowadays it houses a place for paintings and sculptures expositions.