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During a period of roman peace, Antípolis spread and developed its businesses. The fall of the Roman Empire forced the city to be located over the rock


William 'the liberator' defeated the Saracens. The city was reborn.


Luc and Marc Grimaldi are named royal captains of the Antibes.


The Provence is incorporated to the Crown. Antibes became a frontier city and a powerful place.


The Provence was invaded by Charles V. Antibes are partly destroyed.


The poet Stephen Liégard created the name of 'Côte d’Azur'.


In order to reinforce Antibes,Henri II decided to build a tower: the 'Fort Carré'.


Alexandre of Grimaldi sold the county of Antibes to Henri IV. The city became a royal place.


Fortification Works still in progress.

hiver / winter 1747

Victorious resistance against the Austro-Sardis and the English army

1780 -1790

The city is the headquarters of the Italian army and it is the first defense line in front of Nice.

1er mars 1815

Napoleon I disembarked in the Gulf-Juan. Antibes became allies with the Bourbons and repealed the Emperor who continued his way to Grasse.


The County of Nice is incorporated to France. Antibes lost its role as fort place.


Antibes housed rich tourists and vtheir magnificent houses


It is the time of Juan-Les-Pins


The first European tecno polis is built: Sophia-Antipolis.

sight seeing

Old Antibes

Antibes is full of narrow streets: A typical and charming architecture.

the picasso museum

The Museum is located in the Grimaldi Castle of Antibes from the 12th century. In 1946, Pablo Picasso was offered the chance to create its own studio inside the castle thanks to Dor de la Souchère. In 1957, Picasso was given a peerage 'Freeman of the city of Antibes'. In 1966, The Grimaldi Castle was turned into the Picasso Museum and Romuald Dor de la Souchère became its first curator. More than 245 works of the artists are to be found there

Multimillionaire piers

Multimillionaire pier Above all the Vauban Port is known as 'the Multimillionaire pier' where the most beautiful yachts in the world are moored.